“Because Playing Sports Is Serious Fun”

Our Commit campers are rising 5th graders and older who want to focus on their skill set, techniques and sportsmanship. Their schedule consists of coach guidance, free choice and camp-wide fun activities.

Our Commit program focuses on core sports such as Soccer, Lacrosse, Field Hockey & Basketball. Campers will have a chance to learn and develop skills, strategies and techniques for their chosen sport, taking  them to the Next Level. Commit campers enjoy a balance of skill sessions, small games and competitive play.

Additionally, Commit campers enjoy an opportunity to participate in all of NLDC favorites such as Acting, Cooking, Yoga, Cross fit, Gaga and Art. All of our activities are led by our highly qualified staff consisting of teachers, coaches and collegiate athletes.

No  matter what option they choose, Campers will  gain the skills, tools and confidence she needs to live up to her full potential.

We believe in individual improvement with in a team setting. Each week our campers will participate in group discussions that focus on confidence, self esteem, leadership and teamwork.