TACHS Boot Camp

TACHS Boot Camp will be offered the mornings of week of 7/22.The boys will participate in this program daily from 9 am until about 11:45. After their morning session, they will join the rest of the Next Level community for all of our activity options in the afternoon.

Your child will get an edge by taking this 5-day intensive course! We will review each section of the test, take an exam, figure out weaknesses, and build confidence! Students will learn real style testing and will receive personal attention on habits they can improve.


Michael P. Kiers is an NYS Certified School Counselor and Building Leader.  He has been educating within the Catholic high school system for the past 17 years (Iona Prep, Maria Regina, Our Lady of Victory), and has advanced knowledge on the TACHS exam. He can thoroughly prepare your son or daughter for the test with his motivational techniques. Providing similar questions during the sessions will help each student feel confident when sitting for the exam.  As a counselor, Mr. Kiers brings enthusiasm and exerts motivation that students will take as they begin their pursuit for high school. Being that only three high schools can be chosen, students must expand their knowledge to solidify a spot.